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About Travel Professionals

Travel Professionals is a privately owned, independent corporate travel agency based in Auckland, New Zealand. Formed in 2008, we have grown from a small agency to one of the leaders in corporate travel with offices in Australia and New Zealand.

Travel Professionals is a member of The Travel Managers Group, the largest consortium of independent broker agencies in New Zealand which enables us to negotiate and provide the most competitive rates within the industry. As a result, our clients enjoy numerous benefits ranging from value added cost savings and enhanced global support to improved security and easy access to specialist services and products.

A word from our CEO

In the ever-moving environment that is corporate travel, a need for expertise is required. Managing Director Leanne Sharp has been in the travel industry for 40+ years and is committed to continually delivering an exceptional service to her travel clients – coupled with her wealth of knowledge, she encompasses the name ‘Travel Professional’ in every sense. With a caring and passionate attitude, Leanne strives to provide all clients with a personal service, gathering a thorough understanding of needs and wishes to ensure the travel booking experience is as simple and stress-free as possible.   Behind every trip arranged through Leanne and her team at Travel Professionals, you can be rest-assured that there is a travel expert ready to facilitate even the most complex of itineraries with knowledge and attention to detail.