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Hi. I’m Sue and I work from the best office in town, with a view across the park to the beach and the smell of fresh coffee and home baking in the background. I can offer a 24/7 service if required. I’ve lived at Eastern Beach for fifty years and have been in the travel industry for 25+ years.

I have travelled extensively, although there is still a lot of world out there to explore. In my books, cruising is a real holiday – settle into your cabin on boarding and don’t repack until disembarkation, having seen several destinations.

Answering the question ‘where is my favourite destination?’ is a hard one. Everywhere has it’s special appeal, but one of my favourite trips was cruising the Tahitian Islands aboard the Paul Gauguin. I’ve cruised around Fiordland three times with the Preservation Inlet Discovery Expedition being high on the list.

This year I have been on a Viking River Cruise from Bucharest to Amsterdam and had two weeks in Ireland on a Back Roads Tour. Next trip is to circumnavigate Japan with Princess Cruises.

Favourite Quotes: There are no portholes in coffins.

                                        Travelling is hard work – do it while you are fit enough to enjoy.

Travel Tips: Travel light – remember who has to carry the bag.

And to this aim: Put out on the bed what you think you need; put half away and you will still have too much. (Advice given to me by an air hostess friend on my first overseas trip).