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The xtravel team are passionate travellers who provide eXtraordinary eXperiences with eXpert knowledge to eXceed our clients’ travel eXpectations.

xtravel is one of Central Otago’s most experienced travel companies with a combined 46 years travel industry experience in Queenstown and New Zealand.   Founders Niki and Tori work together as a dream team with a wealth of skills, knowledge and practical experience. While Niki is a specialist in cruise, family and corporate travel and Tori; South America, Africa and adventure, the team are well versed in travel worldwide and aim to make your travel experience as smooth as possible, whilst providing exceptional and personalised service.

You can confidently let xtravel take control of the entire co-ordination and planning of your travel.  Whether it be for business or pleasure, xtravel has the best solution for your needs. What sets xtravel apart from other agencies is flexibility and customisation. They are more than happy to customise, within reason, all documents, processes, fee structures, payment solutions, reporting options and accessibility to suit your business and your company structure.

Whether you’re after an escorted tour, a cruise, full service business travel or a family holiday, talk to the xtravel team about your travel needs today!

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